Freelance Web Developer
with over 25 years experience

Working at Frog Education.

May 2018 – July 2018

Worked at Frog Education on a collaborative education portal for the Danish Government.

Built using Bootstrap, Vue.js, Axios.js, PHP, MySQL, AWS DynamoDB, ElasticSearch and AWS S3.

Tools employed: PHP MVC, MySQL, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS and Vue.js.

You can read more about the project here.

Worked at

April 2018

Worked at on one of their client’s websites and Hubspot mini-site with Hubspot Email Integration.

Tools employed: Hubspot Email Templates and Hubspot Website Templates build, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, jQuery.

Worked on

January 2018

Worked on

Fixes, amendments and new functionality.

Tools employed: WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS and jQuery.

Worked at Armagard Ltd

November 2015 – December 2017

Worked at Armagard Ltd.

Worked on a new website project, the multilingual and also rebuilt

Tools employed: CodeIgnitor, PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS and jQuery.

Worked at Frog Education

June 2015 – October 2015
Working on Frog Education’s suite of educational technology platform applications.
The applications are built using a PHP MVC Framework backend and a JavaScriptMVC frontend, utilising HTML5, StealJS, canJS, d3JS and LESS/CSS3.