Freelance Web Developer
with over 25 years experience

The Post Office, Chesterfield


Software Consultant, The Post Office.

December 1998– November 1999

Worked on several major projects including:

  • Year 2000 Project. Consultation, Development of Test Plans and scripts and performance of tests for the Year 2000 compliance of the major Post Office NT/BackOffice Systems, which included all varieties of Compaq Hardware and Microsoft Software.
  • Server Consolidation Project. Assisting in the Server consolidation project involving consultation, installation and configuration of MS Backoffice, NT Server, SNA, SMS, SQL, IIS, Site Server, Proxy.  The project also included other sub projects – DNS/WINS Rollout, TCP/IP Class A Rollout, SMS Rollout
  • Windows 2000 Project. Initial consultation and testing of Windows 2000 Server and Professional. Development of test plans and a deployment plan. Production of documentation.
  • Intranet Project. Configuring IIS and Site Server for the publishing of documentation onto the Post Office Intranet site.
  • Internet/Intranet Server Builds/Installation. Development of test network, testing products such as IIS and Site Server for Internet/Intranet, SQL Server and SMS.
  • Technical Authoring / Documentation. Production of documentation for all of the above projects. Development of Post Office standards for report production.